The Metal Gear community, just like most fandoms, has a lot of creative and talented people sharing the things they make with the rest of the internet. On this page i wanna highlight my favorite MGS fanworks, and just explain shortly why they're important to me.
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Yellowcake is an abstract fan-comic by the artist Millionfish. It incorporates elements from the entire MGS storyline, as well as referencing other pieces of media. One thing it focuses a lot on is Kazuhira Miller and Venom Snake, and the idea of "creating a monster" in a Frankenstein-esque sorta way. This comic is pretty well-known in the fandom, and for good reason! The amazing artwork (which often shifts in style from page to page) paired with it's use of writing gives it a stitched-together, sometimes confusing yet beautiful and sentimental feeling. I really don't think my summary does it justice, and I'd honestly say Yellowcake is a must-read for any MGS fan. It was deeply impactful to me both as an inspiration for my own art, and just how I view the series as a whole. I cannot recommend it enough, it's one of those works that really stay in your head for a while after you finish it.


Gogopri is one of my favorite MGS fanartists both because i really enjoy their drawing style, and because of how damn funny a lot of their drawings are! They draw fanart for a bunch of different things too, like I said their style is really nice to look at so you should give them a follow!


Hiimdaisy's "Let's Destroy Metal Gear!" comics are definitely classics in the MGS community. They have a simple, cartoony style and summarise the events of the games by parodying them, often joking about silly gameplay mechanics or plot-holes in the story. The links below will take you to imgur pages where the comics have been re-uploaded, since apparently the site they were originally on made the image quality worse, or something like that. Thanks to Reddit user Swamphunter on the Metal Gear Solid subreddit for putting these links together!

MGS1: Let's Destroy Metal Gear!
MGS2: Let's Destroy Metal Gear Again!
MGS3: Let's Destroy the Shagohod!
MGS Portable Ops: Let's Destroy the FOX Unit! + Bonuses

There's also a dub of all the comics done by the Youtube channel Broad Spectrum, where they did voice acting over it!


I love this artist's use of sharp angles, it makes their pieces look very dynamic and put-together. Another fun thing is that I've followed them on social media since before they started drawing MGS, and they started getting into the series around the same time as I did. I remember going on Instagram the day after I'd finished MGS2 and seeing they'd posted a drawing of it, that was cool!
These drawings all link to their Tumblr, but they are on Twitter as well.


The Cobra Days is a fan-comic by the artist Inonibird, which follows The Joy(A.K.A The Boss) during her time as leader of the Cobra Unit during World War 2. The comic started in 2006, being posted to Deviantart, but got its own website later on. I think it's really cool how the artist took a part of the story with not much canonical information about it and expanded on it. It's definitely gonna make me think differently of the Cobra Unit from now on, before reading it I mostly only thought of them as fun and quirky bosses, but this comic really turns them into fully fleshed-out characters!
Personally, i think the website is easier to navigate if you're just gonna read the full thing in order, but it's kinda annoying since flash isn't supported anymore. I imagine it looked a lot better back when it was. The deviantart also has a bunch of other content about the characters, so I'd recommend checking that out if you're interested!
Just one last thing, to spare some dissapointment, unfortunately the comic ends very abruptly on a cliffhanger. I was pretty sad to find this out, but I don't want it to discourage anyone from reading it! It's still a very fun read ^.^