Welcome to SOLID OUROBOROS, a fansite dedicated to anything & everything related to Metal Gear!
Here you will find a collection of analysis, fanworks, and more, both by me and by other Metal Gear fans on the internet!

Though I wanna highlight things other people have made, the main purpose of this site is compiling information about different aspects of Metal Gear and sharing my thoughts on them. SOLID OUROBOROS is first and foremost just my own little corner of the web filled with one of my favorite things in the world, which is Metal Gear.

Pages are added to the site sporadically when i feel like it, or when i learn something new and feel like sharing it.



Cobra Unit Web-shrine! It's a work in progress but there's info on most of the cobras as well as some handmade "merch" i have.


When did this hit ten thousand views??? that's amazing! Sorry for no big updates this year, everything's been very messy in my life and it's hard to keep track of everything.


I made a more personal site, you can visit it here. I'm not abandoning this site or anything, just wanted somewhere i can be more laid-back and try out new stuff with making webpages


"Web-shrine" dedicated to Otacon, that I copied from my old website which i no longer use. Thought it might fit here!


Added a "calendar" type page that shows when specific events in the story take place


Fanart hub added!


Transcript and analysis of Big Boss's backstory from the MGS1 manual, which was later retconned


Cut Content

I wanna add some more unused things eventually


MGS2 page added!


I put up some pictures of my Snake and Otacon plushies that I ordered


Added a page with links to some other MGS-related things on the web!