So, who runs this site?

You can call me Rain. It's not my real name, just a nickname i call myself online. I picked it because, well...I like when it rains outside!
I'm a guy, seventeen years old as of writing this, and Swedish. That's about all the information about my personal life that I wanna share on this site, there's already too much oversharing on the modern web.
My favorite MGS characters are Otacon and Raiden, i have a lot more characters I really like but those two are the most special to me personally. My favorite game in the series is MGS2. I think the Metal Gears(as in the robots LOL) i like most are Rex and Sahelanthropus, I have a page about MG Rex that touches on why.
Other than Metal Gear, I like art and I've been drawing my entire life. I love music, too!!! But that sentence means nothing by itself. I'm really into emo stuff, pretty broadly from 80s/early 90s emotional hardcore to more recent releases. I ususally prefer things on the more chaotic, high-energy, violent side when it comes to screamo, if a song is longer than 3 minutes i have a hard time keeping my patience. I also have a soft spot for sassy and sarcastic vocal deliveries(I The Blood Brothers) Dammit, I'm rambling about this! Maybe i should make a seperate website to talk about music I like...Anyway, to wrap this up, here are some bands I like:
I Hate Sex
Love Lost But Not Forgotten
Combat Wounded Veteran
(Okay, don't tell anyone this, all-time favorite band is actually My Chemical Romance...Please don't think I'm any less cool for this. Because I am really cool, as you can tell by the fact that I run a Metal Gear-fansite on Neocities. so cool)
You might notice i talk in a pretty formal tone on this site. It's not really a consious decision but more just how my writing happens to turn out when trying to convey information. Sorry if this makes me come off as cold or unfriendly. Honestly I kinda like that type of language for this site, since when I try to talk about MGS with people in real life or fast-paced conversations online i tend to ramble a lot and can't really get my points across in a coherent way. Writing pages on this site lets me plan out everything I want to say and all the points I want to get across, so it's easier.