The Metal Gear series is known for it's complex themes regarding philosophy, war, and information, just to name a few.
There has been a lot of analysis written both on how these themes are portrayed through the games, and dissections of in-universe events and characters.

Here I want to share some pieces made by extremely intelligent and dedicated fans that really made me look at these games in a new light! I highly appreciate the amount of research that goes into analyzing Metal Gear, since the games themselves reference a wide variety of different media.
Eventually I'd like to share some of my own interpretations on the franchise, but I'm not very good at formulating my thoughts yet, hehe

Less than Real: How MGS2 Made History-Futurasound Productions

This guy's entire channel is a goldmine for in-depth MGS analysis, but this video was the first one I watched by him and it really made me realize just how detailed these games are. It also made me like MGS2 more than I already did! (It's my favorite Metal Gear game)

How much Neon Genesis Evangelion is in Metal Gear Solid?-Super Bunnyhop

So, if you've watched Evangelion you might notice it has a lot of similarities with MGS. This is actually something I plan to write more on because I think there's a lot of interesting paralells to be drawn between the two. This video talks about some of them, but mostly about more overarching ideas throughout narratives.